Canterbury Branch


Chairperson: Paul V Ellis

76 Fisher Avenue
New Zealand 8053

Phone: +64 (0)3 337 3370
Fax: +64 (0)3 337 3642

Secretary: Dr Robert Tait, HonRSCM

PO Box 10-110
New Zealand 8145

Cell: (0)21 143 6661

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News from Canterbury

Christchurch a City of Song

It's started already. Christchurch is the scene of an avalanche of song and instrumental music of all genre. It began Sunday 19 August with a 3.00pm Choral Fest at St Mary's Pro-Cathedral, Manchester street. It swells further and further with the local NZ Choral Federation Singfest...

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Choral Fest curtain raiser

St Mary's Pro-Cathedral is the venue on Sunday 19 August 2018 starting 3.00pm for a curtain raiser choral concert heralding a kalaidescope of Choral Federation activities that follow.

Wear Choir Robes if this is your tradition or neat informal.

Click the links to read the promotion page, poster and the plan.

19 Aug 18 Choral Fest Promo

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Honourable recital

You are invited to be an audience (in keeping with the tradition) for the University of Canterbury Honours Examination of organist Daniel Cooper. Click on the image to read the poster containing more details.

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Your chance to join with millions worldwide

The RSCM Canty Branch lot, Have all joined together to plat         What music to play,         On a Music Sunday, So make sure you’re there...

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Great News for Canterbury

RSCMNZ members of Canterbury Branch, friends and supporters will be delighted with the news and plans ahead. Click the link to read and be ready to participate.

RSCMNZ Canterbury Branch NLtr May TIFF 2018

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Free concert at Feast of St John the Baptist

Sunday 24 June 2018 starting 3.00pm is set for marking the Christchurch Diocesan Feast of St John the Baptist with a free concert by the CBS Choir and Orchestra in St Mary's Pro-Cathedral 373 Manchester Street. This will be followed by socialisation and refreshments at the CBS Music Centre next door.
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