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September 15, 2018

Evensongs St Marks, Remuera & St Thomas, Tamaki

St Mark's celebrates its final regular 3rd Sunday Evensong 18 November 2018, under direction of Brian Millar, starting 5.00pm. All who wish to share in this loveliest of Services are warmly welcome. Be ready for a feast of music supported Services with a second instalment Evensong (see below). Then there is the Service of 9 [...]
September 14, 2018

Wellington School for younger choristers

The annual choir school for younger choristers will be held in Wellington Cathedral of St Paul as a special day-long event on Saturday 27 October 2018 (the second Saturday of Term 4) commencing 9.00am and concluding after the 5.00pm Evensong that night. Choristers who have attended past schools have agreed and said every time that [...]
August 20, 2018

Musical journey

You are invited to a fascinating programme in the nature of a musical journey progressing through soundscapes and landscapes. The venue is Takapuna Methodist Church Saturday 8 September 2018 starting 7.00pm. View the poster for more details.
August 20, 2018

Christchurch a City of Song

It's started already. Christchurch is the scene of an avalanche of song and instrumental music of all genre. It began Sunday 19 August with a 3.00pm Choral Fest at St Mary's Pro-Cathedral, Manchester street. It swells further and further with the local NZ Choral Federation Singfest 18, beginning 10.00am Saturday 25 August, and concludes Sunday [...]
August 16, 2018

Invitation to St Mark’s

Brian Millar extends his regular invitation for you to meet up with St Mark people for their Choral Evensong 5 pm Sunday 19 August 2018 at the Anglican Church of St. Mark, Remuera, Auckland. Hymns: Songs of praise the angels sang (tune: Nottingham) Like a mighty river flowing (Quem pastores laudavere) Firmly I believe and [...]
July 29, 2018

New leaders for RSCM

On 27 July 2018, RSCM UK announced that The Very Reverdend Dr John Hall, Dean of Westminster Abbey would succeed retired Lord Brian Gill as Chairman of Council for the worldwide Royal School of Church Music (RSCM).

July 8, 2018

Inspiring Evensong ahead

RSCMNZ Auckand Affiliate, Holy Trinity Cathedral extends an invitation for Sunday 5.00pm 29 July 2018 for an Evensong with Bishop Ross Bay officiating. It features music under the direction of Neil Shroff, Anita Banbury and Brian Millar with Philip Smith, Organist of Holy Trinity and includes combined choirs from Holy Trinity Cathedral, St Andrew's, Epsom, [...]
July 4, 2018

St Peter’s Cathedral Hamilton a place for serenity and music

An opportunity for all who seek serenity and at the same time inspiration from one of NZ's finest choirs, The Hamilton Civic Choir presents Ave Maria to honour Mary, Mother of Christ at St Peter's Cathedral, 51 Victoria Street, Hamilton, on Saturday 14 July 2018 commencing 5.00pm. Click each image to enlarge it to read [...]