The RSCM is an educational charity, whose mission is to ‘promote the study, practice and improvement of music in Christian worship’. RSCM New Zealand is a collective of five Branches of RSCM furthering that work in New Zealand.

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RSCM Honours NZers

Two New Zealand RSCM leading musicians have been honoured by RSCM HQ. The announcement was made in the June 2022 Church Music Quarterly (CMQ) [pages 26 & 27]. David Brookes, Chairman of the Waikato Branch, gained an Associateship (ARSCM) for his long-time outstanding services to the RSCMNZ from his role in the RSCMNZ Inc Council, […]

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Queen’s Jubilee

The images explained (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): The PENTAGON designed by our Herald of Arms, Phillip O’Shea forms the 70th Jubilee Emblem: the background of red and white patterns (or poutama) are similar to those appearing on flax weaving and also the ribbons for some Honorary awards. Te Hokotoru Manoahuru translates informally to […]

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Annual General Meeting 2021

Employing the wonders of modern communications, the RSCMNZ Inc. Council conducted its AGM starting 7.30am Saturday 24 July 2021. National Councillors gathered ‘together’ in our ZOOM meeting room even though each member was physically located in Auckland, Matamata, Cambridge, Marton, Christchurch & Dunedin. The main purpose of our AGM was to review and report on […]

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Welcome to our NEW site

Members and visitors can be glad that our new RSCMNZ website in now visible. We were absent for a wee while owing to the server, on which we were housed, ceasing to operate. This gave us the opportunity to bring you an enhanced site.  You are invited to explore the various items of news and […]

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