July 31, 2012

G R Wells­ RSCM Travelling fellowship

The Trustees of the G R Wells­RSCM Travelling fellowship have pleasure in presenting their report to the Annual General Meeting of the Waikato Branch of the Royal School of Church Music on 05 May 2012.

During the past year, the Trustees received, with regret, the resignation of fellow trustee, Mrs Beverly Underwood. She has served as a Trustee for 15 years – since May 1996. Her services to the Trust have been both greatly appreciated and very valued. Thank you Bev.

It was with pleasure that two additional trustees were appointed during the year – both very well­known and hard­ working members of the Branch. We welcome Peter Cowell and Trevor Gibbs to our ranks Both have much experience in matters musical that will be much appreciated and will help the Fellowship to continue its funding for the Branch and its members.

The Trustees were delighted to offer the Branch financial assistance towards the very successful January 2011 RSCM Summer School held in Hamilton. As it turned out, that funding was not necessary, and so the trustees were pleased to have the Branch nominate an event to which those monies could be used to good advantage.

As you will have read in the latest issue of Notes, the funding is being used to support the forthcoming Youth Festival being held in two weeks’ time.

As you will also have read in Notes, when Guyon, as a founding Trustee was advised of the of the Festival, he commented that “….this is the very sort of thing for which the Fellowship was set up, and I feel really chuffed that the event can go ahead, particularly under Timothy Noon’s guidance”

The Fellowship sources its funding base from tax­deductible donations from Branch members. Those donations are added to the principal of the Fellowship. In turn the interest from that principal is the source of monies available to the Branch and its members.

So, please add a donation to your subscription again this year to see the funds of the Fellowship continue to grow.