March 3, 2015

Obituary: Ron Powell, Organist and Role Model

It is with sadness, yet with heart-warming gratitude amongst those who knew and loved him, that we mark the passing of Ron Powell, a Cathedral chorister and then a long-serving organist at St Peter’s Anglican Church, Takapuna.

Ron was born in England in 1925 and came to New Zealand when he was 12 yrs old. He was an active member of Holy Trinity Devonport for many years. It was where he started playing the organ.
He worked in the Navy Dockyard as an electrician for many years with Stuart Wetherall, who became both his best Mate and his brother-in-law. Megan, his daughter, recounted to Revd. Johnathan Gale, Vicar of St Peter’s, who conducted the funeral at St Peter’s 26 February 2015, that he was a gracious man and was regarded with great fondness by her and his late wife, Mila, as well as the whole wider family and indeed all those who knew him. A notice on his Lady Alum name badge placed by an anonymous admirer, said it all: “Possibly the world’s nicest red-head.”
Commenting on the reading, verses from Romans 8 (Paul’s letter to the Church in Rome), Revd Gale said that, “Paul was never shy when it came to giving advice. Ron left us advice; not in words, but in action.” Click the link to view Ron at the organ.

Ron Powell at the Organ