April 14, 2015


The acronyms in the heading to this story are a fascinating string. The first ACM refers to Anne Connolly-Munt who was honoured as detailed later in this story. The second ACM relates to the Albany Community Music event at which Dave Brookes, RSCMNZ Auckland Branch Secretary, together with associating performers, presents the first recital for 2015. The two are inter-related when one understands the part Anne plays in the Albany project. The proceeds are dedicated to provision of organ tuition under the Anne Connolly-Munt Organ Scholarship scheme. Now we come to the RSCM connection. Anne, for her amazing and far-reaching contributions to the world of music and church support, was awarded a Certificate of Special Service by Andrew Reid, the world-wide director of the RSCM, on Saturday 11 April at a celebratory dinner for RSCMNZ members in Holy Trinity Cathedral welcoming his visit to NZ.

Refer to the poster on this page for details about the recital:

Dave Brookes' Organ event

A Reid presents Award to Anne

Anne is pictured receiving her Award from Andrew Reid.