April 14, 2015

RSCMNZ Council AGM & elections

At 7.30pm Friday 10 April 2015 the Council of the Royal School of Church Music Inc. held its AGM at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Auckland. It was a special occasion in that the Director (world-wide) of the RSCM was visiting NZ and so in his capacity as an ex-officio Councillor for NZ he was able to attend the meeting in person.

Following formal business, he treated the Councillors with his passionate vision about the tasks current and ahead which the RSCM and indeed its constituents throughout the world have the opportunity to foster.

Election to Council:
(NB: all current Councillors due for appointment or election were re-appointed or re-elected unopposed serving relevant terms with effect from 10 April 2015):
Andrew Reid, Councillor for RSCMNZ and also Director (world-wide) RSCM continues in office sine die
Paul Ellis, President (constitutional term of 3 years)
Dr Rachael Griffiths-Hughes, Waikato Branch Chairwoman (4-year term)
Neil Shroff, Auckland Branch Chairman (4-year term)
NB: Roy Tankersley, Wellington Branch Chairman continues in office
NB: Paul Ellis, Acting Canterbury Branch Chairman continues in office
NB: George Chittenden, Otago & Southland Branch Chairman continues in office
Anita Banbury, of Auckland Branch, Chief Examiner Voice for Life continues sine die
Annual elections:
Revd. Alison Pitts, of Wellington Branch, National Secretary (Minutes)
Dr. Robert Tait, of Canterbury Branch, National Secretary (Administration) & Communications Councillor
Steve Woodside, of Canterbury Branch, National Treasurer
Timothy Noon, of Auckland Branch (Director of Music Holy Trinity Cathedral)
Bruce A Aitken, of Otago & Southland Branch