October 17, 2015


St James LHutt

The second two-day course for young choristers at the holiday break between
terms three and four organised by the Wellington Branch of RSCMNZ held at St
James Church Lower Hutt was a great success.
Having a good idea in advance of the level of achievement and understanding
gained in the ‘Voice For Life’ programme and chorister’s self-evaluations
enabled Michael Stewart to select music that was ‘just right’ for the abilities of the singers.
Michael Stewart was an inspirational Director and the quality and confidence of the singing in
the final service was testament to that.
We thank Alison Stewart for leading our services and the choristers certainly identified with the theme ‘Care for
the World’.
We enjoyed the expertise and fine musicianship of our supporting
staff; Helen Willberg for warm ups, rounds and leisure activities such as
Ukulele strumming and Bruce Cash for his wonderful accompanying in rehearsal
and services.
Thank you to Jeff Lee our branch treasurer for processing the
registrations as they came through and paying those providing services.

We thank the Vicar, Rev Peter Benge, Administrator Mr Alan Boaden and staff
and especially Helen Willberg for making us so welcome and ensuring that
our presence in the venue was so well catered for. There was plenty of space for
work and recreation and the church has a really good feeling of engagement with
the outside world through its light and airy atmosphere.
As a bonus, on the Tuesday afternoon, we enjoyed observing the National Boys’ Choir of Australia
rehearsing for their evening performance.

We congratulate Christopher Eldridge and Millie Foster (Senior sight reading),
Craig Bebbington (Intermediate sight reading), and Olivia Marshall (Junior
sight reading) and thank Anita Banbury for her generous donation in support of
these awards. Rebecca Clowes (Wellington Cathedral of St Paul choristers) was
awarded the Copperwheat Cup. (The Etherington Memorial Cup was not awarded
this year).

Roy Tankersley, RSCMNZ Wellington Branch Chair