April 1, 2016

Nights to remember are coming

Canterbury’s RSCMNZ Branch AGM is coming with a night to remember. Diary 6.00pm for pre-meeting socialising followed by a to the point meeting and then a post meeting convivial dinner – from $17.00 – Thursday 21 April at the Cashmere Club Colombo Street (mnemonic for those who use this technique to remember things is CanCCCs – i.e Canterbury Cashmere Club Colombo Street). MTC (more to come – of course). Read pages ONE & TWO or the March newsletter for more events for you to diary and enjoy.

Page ONE

RSCMNZ Canty Mar finalREV 2016 Nltr 040716RSCMNZ Canty Mar finalPP2REV 2016 Nltr 040716

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