June 22, 2016

Momentous Music Sunday

View a montage of a momentous occasion celebrating both Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday and the place of music in our lives.
The event, known as Music Sunday, is held in virtually every corner of the world around the middle of June each year.

smaa montage jpg music sunday

A montage of a momentous event. (Upper, left to right): Singers (Sue Lennon, June Brighting and Claire Heppenstall are the front rowers), in full flight filling the church of St Michael and All Angels, Oxford Terrace, Christchurch, New Zealand, at 2.00pm, 12 June 2016. This matched similar Music Sunday events held all over NZ and indeed in every corner of the world and particularly in the UK. There, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Patron of the Royal School of Church Music, was hosted to celebrate her 90th birthday and the place of music in our lives. Next, Denis Guyan, Director of Music, St Barnabas, extends a hand to the Music Sunday choristers performing “I vow to thee, my country”, one of the Queen’s favourite hymns. Now appears the Cathedral Grammar School Girls’ Choir performing motets (one of them with flutists providing an obligato) under the direction of Paul Ellis their conductor (he is also Director of Music at St Michael’s and is pictured at the organ in the lower stream of photographs). (Lower, left to right): Lennox Willett, Conductor Cathedral Singers of Christchurch Transitional (Anglican) Cathedral prepares the gathered choristers to sing “Locus iste”. Enjoying, as we all did, her piano accompanying of the Salvation Army Choristers. Robert Tait, RSCMNZ Communications Councillor, with his Hon RSCM parchment presented on this Music Sunday occasion on behalf of the RSCM Council by Paul Ellis, President of RSCMNZ. Now John Linker, Director of Music Christchurch Transitional (Anglican) Cathedral, performs, on St Michael’s organ, an exhilarating rendition of William Walton’s Crown Imperial (a march composed for the 1937 crowing of King George VI, the Queen’s father). Now Paul Ellis accompanies on the organ. Finally, the Salvation Army Choristers under the baton of Heather Kench perform a bracket of songs new and inspirational to all gathered for this momentous occasion.

Her Majesty’s letter expressing best wishes for the event.

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