May 15, 2017

Convivial afterglow

Canterbury Branch 2017 AGM was a delightful event.
On Thursday 11 May, at 6.00pm a goodly number of RSCMNZ Canterbury members gathered at the Cashmere Club for the branch AGM.
Acting Chairman, Paul Ellis (who is also the National President) welcomed those present and a prayer was offered.
Branch Treasurer, Philip Richards, tabled accounts which reflected a pleasing position with some increases in various holdings compared with the previous year.
Chairman’s report showed the year being reported upon (2016) as having significant activities, especially mid-winter Music Sunday and the visit from USA of Richard Webster November 2016 conducting a workshop and Service. Paul’s report about the very successful January 2017 Adelaide Summer School was circulated.
The 2016 AGM celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday in the dining hall of the Cashmere Club with singing of the National Anthem – much to the delight of the many patrons.
Members were encouraged to attend the forthcoming combined Australia/NZ Summer Choir School 9 to 16 January 2018 at Auckland with Holy Trinity Cathedral as the hub.
Forthcoming highlights, e.g. Music Sunday 2017 were referred to.
Officers elected were (with a rider calling for succession grooming):
Paul Ellis to continue meantime as acting branch chairman and secretary; Philip Richards (Treasurer); Rev’d David Winfield (Branch Chaplain); Committee members were re-elected: Dr John Linker, Don Whelan, Allan Packman, Barbara Maguire, Robert Tait; and Daniel Cooper was welcomed as a member new to the committee.
The new committee was scheduled to meet Thu 8 June 2017 6.00pm at Fisher Street HQ.
The picture shows some members staying on for a convivial meal at the Cashmere Club at the conclusion of the AGM.
Reading left to right: Robert Tait, Allan Packman, Murray Lennox, Don Whelan, Beris Whelan, June Brighting, Philip Richards, Daniel Cooper, Felicity Richards, Jocylyn Richards, Jane Ellis, Sue Lennon, Paul Ellis.