June 7, 2017

Canterbury Branch Music Sunday 2017

Welcome to all choristers, RSCMNZ members, supporters and friends. It is hoped you can participate in or attend the Christchurch celebration of Music Sunday (it is observed world-wide) at 2.00pm Sunday 18 June 2017 at St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, Manchester Street, to honour the place of music in church life. Hard copies of the complete Music Sunday Booklet containing scores and related information will be issued as you arrive: it is an all-comers event and most attending will be able to sight read without need for rehearsal. To assist anyway, only the scores and run sheet contained in the booklet are uploaded here for you to print out totally or any pages of special interest to you (NB: owing to internet size limits, supplementary information and images contained in the full booklet cannot be uploaded in one batch but all the necessary scores appear here as short version).

RSCMNZ Canty Music Sun short version07062017

As a separate upload, here are the supplementary pages of information and images.

RSCMNZ Canty Music Sunday 2017 Info pages08062017