June 27, 2017

Think ahead to RSCMNZ Summer School 2018

NOW is the time to take action for participation in the forthcoming RSCMNZ combined Australia and NZ Summer School 2018.

Dates; 9th -16th January 2018.

Course Director is Andrew Lumsden, Organist & Master of the Choristers, Winchester Cathedral, UK, ably supported by renowned local specialists.

Auckland NZ is the venue and Dilworth School is the hub.

Holy Trinity Cathedral and its new and restored organs play an important part for School activities.

Download the information sheet (a PDF), and then the Registration form; it’s MSWord so you can enter details on-line and then forward it as an email attachment to Neil Shroff, Auckland Chairman, using his official address    
or his personal one (

2018 RSCM Summer School Information

2018 RSCM Summer School Registration Form

Planning is well underway and because 2018 is the 60th anniversary of Vaughan Williams death, his music and that of contemporaries are featured.
[innerOneHalf]Workshops include:

• Remembering Vaughan Williams (60th anniversary of his death)
• Vaughan Williams contemporaries
• Lectures on Vaughan Williams – his life – and the carol
• Music by New Zealand composer in residence
• How to get the best out of your choir
• How to care for your voice
• How to work with children’s voices
• How to make the best of your resources
• What makes a good hymn?
• Organ/harpsichord tuition
• VFL coaching and examination
• Two major services
• Major public concert
• Visits to two historic Auckland Churches
• Visit to the Maritime Museum including harbour trip
• All day excursion to Waiheke Island
• Informal concerts and forums
• Bar and recreation facilities

[innerOneHalf]Time-table includes:

* Two major Sunday services
* Early evening public concert
* Daily worship[/innerOneHalf]


* Formal activities
* Informal social times
* A day trip to stunning Waiheke Island


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