September 11, 2017

Evensong with a difference

Brian Millar, Director of Music at St Mark’s Remuera Auckland, extends an invitation to the forthcoming “Evensong with a Difference”, Sunday 17 September 2017, starting 5.00pm at St Mark’s.

The Order of Service (see below) features Welsh-born Anglican priest, George Herbert as composer of the
music for hymns and Psalm.

Hymns: King of glory, king of peace (Gwalchmai)

Let all the world in every corner sing (Luckington)

The Call (Come my way, my truth my life) (Savannah)

Vertue (Almsgiving)

Psalm: The God of love my shepherd is (Ps. 23 paraphrase; to’Wiltshire’).

Anthem: Sweetest of sweets (music: B W Millar – composed July 2017)

Mag and Nunc: Charles Wood in D

Preces and Responses: Anon – Norwich

Final Responses: E. Naylor