September 11, 2017

New KIWI’s on a mission

For your interest about the contributions people can make, below is a biography of Desray and Winston, new KIWI’s on a mission. Their website is

Desray & WINSTON are a husband and wife duo – Desray & Winston van Wyk have established themselves as one of the more tenacious Gospel duos based in the Auckland region.

It was in 1990 that Winston, a high school senior in Umzinto, Kwazulu Natal first met Desray, then living about 30 minutes away in Ifafa Beach. Says Winston, “When I first laid eyes on her my heart stopped and I said, ‘Lord, if I could only marry somebody like this’.” She had grown up in the church and was then singing in the church worship team of the Assemblies of God.

In Kinross Mpumalanga, Desray & Winston joined the Assemblies of God Church where the spiritual foundation was laid for their ministry. “The whole focus of that church was training people for the ministry according to the vision of Ephesians 4:11. Desray & Winston started out singing together from that time onwards Even at that early stage Desray & Winston were perfecting a funky, R&B style of gospel. “We thought we were the only ones performing that style of music at the time, and then we heard Angelo & Veronica. Things began looking up in 1997 (two years after having tied the knot)

Winston explains, “As a matter of fact, the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry is what Desray and I are all about. We were prepared there to go out and help prepare others so that they too can go out, and that’s how we look at our ministry.”

In 2001 Desray & Winston tragically lost their first born son to illness. This really shook their faith and induced a silence within their spirits. Because of this traumatic experience they decided to relocate to Durban South Africa and then pursued to join Conquering Through Prayer Ministries International in Overport Durban. Under the ministry of Senior Pastor Clive Gopaul, a reformation began in their lives where they were schooled into building the altar of Prayer in a believer. During this time Desray became pregnant with their eldest daughter Alshei and then two years later Jaslyn was born. This seemed to be a return on an investment that they had made in their earlier years as a young couple.

Learning the depth of prayer faith and warfare really stirred up the spiritual gifts within these two. They were elevated in their spiritual walk from glory to glory and this was their spiritual season. They both went on to serve full-time as Youth Pastors and later on Music Pastors in the local church. And the skills they developed in the earlier years became a foundational avenue for revival in that time.

In 2011 they resigned from this ministry and immigrated to New Zealand. Where they began to discover the Kiwi way of life. Desray & Winston focused on their secular careers together with establishing and building a new life for themselves and their children in New Zealand.

They have since decided to regroup and begin to record together as husband and wife, their first album (I Decree).