September 11, 2017

Wonderful workshop

All Saints Matamata was the venue for a wonderful workshop on “Sight Singing” recently. Led by Dave Brookes and Cheryl King, 18 enthusiasts explored the mysteries of intervals, pitch, keys, quavers and minims etc.

The reading of music’s an art,
To help singers keep to their part;
There’re notes on a stave,
That will favour the brave,
And help them all sing from the heart.

Read Dave’s report.

Workshop- ‘Reading Music’ an immense success

On Saturday 2nd September 18 enthusiastic people attended a Workshop- ‘Reading Music’ at All Saints Church Matamata, organized by RSCM Waikato and the Matamata Christmas Choir, and Directed by David Brookes and Cheryl King.
This 2hr Workshop started with the very basics of the music stave and notation, using firstly the treble cleft for unison singing by all in the key of C Major. After singing the scale of C major, we progressed to singing the intervals such as 3rd and 5ths, and recognizing these in music. We then progressed to singing ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’, reading from the music, identifying intervals, crotchets, minims, repeat signs, bar lines, and double bar lines. This was followed by singing the Round ‘Are you sleeping’, introducing a sharp and the key of G Major, and quavers in the notation.
The 2nd part of this workshop divided into 2 groups, with Cheryle King continuing with the Sopranos and altos, using carols from the future Christmas Concert programme of the Matamata Christmas choir.
David Brookes worked with the Tenors and Basses in the church, going through the Bass cleft, and identifying the notes from middle C down. This was followed by singing some of the same carols as the sopranos and altos, and identifying notes, intervals, notes values, and the keys of G major, and D Major.
In the concluding section of the Workshop we all joined together, singing in 4-part harmony the same carols, with Cheryle providing piano accompaniment, and David conducting.
Some questions from participants included explanation of semitones, and the tempo of music.
An enjoying social time followed this Workshop, with refreshments served by Diane and Brian Thomas.
Our thanks to Diane and Brain for setting-up the hall for this workshop, and to the Vicar and Vestry of All Saints for use of the facilities.

David Brookes.
RSCM Waikato committee.
President- Matamata Christmas choir.