November 6, 2017

Book Launch

This picture relating to a book launch was taken at St Mark’s Remuera Auckland NZ during refreshments after the 9.30am Service on Sunday 5 Nov 2017. It shows Neil Shroff, Chairman of RSCMNZ Auckland Branch, who has written a history of music at Saint Mark’s Parish where he served for many years as Director of Music.
Now pictured is Neil addressing choristers and friends at the book launch. A previous D of M Michael Cox (wearing glasses) can be seen standing in the doorway.

The history of the music of Saint Mark’s Church, Remuera Auckland, NZ
This book traces the history of music-making in Saint Mark’s Parish from the early days up to the present time. It covers the ups and downs, the high points and the low of the musical journey of the parish. It is a tribute to the musical directors, organists, priests and above all choristers who have maintained the musical tradition through many decades.
The book, dedicated to the present Saint Mark’s Choristers will be [was] launched after the 9.30am service on Sunday, 5th November
Cost; $25.00

Any profits from sale of the book will go to the Royal School of Church Music NZ.