March 2, 2018

Choral Fest commemorates Peter Godfrey

Grant Hutchinson, Chief Executive of the NZ Choral Federation (founded by the late Peter Godfrey), refers to the 1 March 2018 issue of its eBREVE and an event celebrating the life of Prof. Peter Godfrey.
“Last Sunday in Auckland more than 180 singers and a rapt audience of several hundred enjoyed a feast of choral music in memory of our former Patron Peter Godfrey, presented by some of the many choirs that were touched by him during his lifetime. The beautiful music bore testament to the strong tradition of choral music that he has developed in our country through the NZCF and other groups.

With the 12th World Symposium on Choral Music in Auckland approaching fast (2020) and some very exciting plans in the making, it has never been a better time to be a member of the NZ Choral Federation.”

To take action, here are contact details:       Mobile: 021 154 6923