May 8, 2018

Ten Choristers add their voices

On Saturday afternoon of 5 May 2018 at St Matthew’s Church Morrinsville David Brookes, Waikato Branch committee member along with others attended a performance of Handel’s Messiah, presented by Pakuranga Choral Society, and Cantamus choirs, four soloists, organist Michael Bell, and conductor David Hamilton.
It was an absolutely fantastic concert, with superb singing of the choristers under the firm control of David Hamilton, and four amazing soloists, each with a wonderful range, clear tone of their voices, and presentation.
Michael Bell’s organ accompaniment, on the Johannes digital organ was joy to hear, with such accuracy and cleanness of every note and passage. His registration and selection of the many tones of the organ was amazing, showing the versatility of this instrument. The use of one of the Trumpets on the organ for ‘The trumpet shall sound”, was wonderful, and blended in so well with the Bass soloist.
Ten people, including myself. were privileged to join the choir to sing the ‘Hallelujah’ chorus, which was a wonderful experience for choristers and audience alike.
We were indeed very privileged to have such a wonderful presentation of this Oratorio in Morrinsville.