May 13, 2018

And did those feet in modern times deliver milions of notes?

Organists are people who play with head, eyes, heart, hands and feet. Those with the skills to drive the organ in a Parish Church or the mighty pipes and electronics in a Cathedral are both a rare breed and a legend.

Just retired Lennox Willett (and Chorister wife, Thelma, followed suit) is a shining example.

Million of notes? Assuming an average of 400 bars each containing at least ten notes (4000 of them) in any one church service, rehearsal, and school teaching session (he was also Principal of a significant primary school in Christchurch – St Mark’s) and considering Lennox was involved in a leading role in all these (numbering over 10,000 events during his 50 years plus dedication), he delivered something like 40 Million notes for the inspiration of all.

You servants of God who have served,
Loud accolades you have deserved;
Examples you’ve shown,
Will forever be known;
In hearts you are fondly preserved.

2018 © Robert Tait, Chorister

He described his life, particularly as a church musician in Christchurch, at a post Eucharist Service celebration in the Transitional Cathedral (22 April 2018). Click the link to the PDF document to read.