May 15, 2018

Your chance to join with millions worldwide

The RSCM Canty Branch lot,
Have all joined together to plat
        What music to play,
        On a Music Sunday,
So make sure you’re there on the dot.

We know you’ve got things that you run,
And later you might leave the fun;
        But fear not our friend,
        You need not stay till end,
But better join some, instead none.

The items and hymns on the list
Are pieces that should not be missed;
        So Ten June at Two,
        You must know what to do;
Arrive at the church* for this tryst.

©2018 RVT of Dew & Assoc, Christchurch (

*Oxford Terrace Baptist Church (OTBC)
Christchurch NZ.

RSCM Music Sunday is a flagship event of our worldwide Charity. It’s an opportunity for Cantabrians to be part of this celebration involving millions of choristers and clergy worldwide on or near 10 June 2018 starting 2.00pm NZ time. Click on the mini-picture for full-size viewing. If you haven’t already done so also see the entry about the Canterbury Branch Newsletter.