July 29, 2018

New leaders for RSCM

New Chairman for RSCM

On 27 July 2018, RSCM UK announced that The Very Reverdend Dr John Hall, Dean of Westminster Abbey would succeed retired Lord Brian Gill as Chairman of Council for the worldwide Royal School of Church Music (RSCM). He commences duties in the Autumn (Northern Hemisphere).

It is interesting to note that the founder of what is now known as the RSCM, Sir Sydney Nicholson, initiated RSCM at the Abbey in 1927, just over 90 years ago.

Westminster, in reporting this appointment, shared the following information:

Dr Hall will draw on a life-long passion for music in worship and his experience as a former Chief Education Officer of the Church of England.

Dr Hall said:

It will be an honour to commit some of my time for the next few years to supporting and encouraging Church music, through the RSCM, founded of course here at the Abbey. I am passionate about supporting church musicians – whatever their tradition – as through music they enhance our experience of worship. Music has the ability both to unite our Christian brothers and sisters, and also to take us spiritually beyond what words alone can achieve.

New Director for RSCM

Hugh Morris, the incoming Director of the RSCM who takes up his post on 1st August said:

I am absolutely delighted that John Hall has been appointed as Chair of the RSCM Council. I am honoured to be able to work with such a distinguished figure, as we develop the mission and work of the RSCM. I share with him a passion both for music and for education as paths of development for the church, and am excited by all the possibilities ahead.

Lord Gill, who led the Council from 2010 until June this year added:

I am delighted at this appointment. The Dean of Westminster will be an outstanding chairman of RSCM. Under his leadership RSCM will go from strength to strength.