February 11, 2019

Christchurch Bishop

Right Revd. Dr Peter Carrell

Anglicans from far and wide gathered together with a 125 -strong Diocesan Choir at 11.00am Saturday 9 February 2019 in Christchurch Boys’ High School auditorium for the Episcopal Ordination of Reverend Dr Peter Carrell, the Diocese’s 9th Bishop.

The Service began with the processions of Clergy, Bishops and Archbishops as the choir (directed by Dr John Linker with organist Chris Lynch) singing Charles Villiers Stanford’s Te Deum in Bb.

The congregation, including representatives of the NZ Government (Hon. Dr Megan Woods, and Mayor of Christchurch, Lianne Dalziel) sang with great fervour the wonderful hymn “Crown him with many crowns”.

The beautifully moving prelude continued with the Music Group co-ordinated by Paul Hegglun (comprising players and singers from Diocesan churches) performing the Karanga (the Maori call bidding welcome to all) followed by the Presiding Bishop offering the Mihi Whakatau (welcoming speech).

The congregation joined in the Waiata (Maori ‘song’) “Te Aroha” (sometimes translated to mean “place of love”).

Bishop-Elect, Peter Ruane Carrell was then presented in accordance with tradition by a layperson (Mrs Fay Deam), a priest (Revd. Joshua Taylor) and a Bishop (The Right Revd Brian Carrell).

Readings followed together with a sung responsorial Psalm involving the massed choristers and congregation.

The Right Revd Pihopa Rihare Wallace inspired all gathered with his thought-provoking Sermon tinged with delightful humour.

After all present confirming their faith by reciting the The Nicene Creed was recited and the Presiding Bishop sought the Commitment of the Bishop-Elect, Peter Carrell.

The Invocation followed seeking the presence of the Holy Spirit together with the Wairua Tapu (a waitata) to welcome the Spirit and seek guidance.

Laying on of hands and the new Bishop donning vestments followed. Then all welcomed Peter with acclamation who in turn gave a spoken response.

Next came the Eucharist and administration of Communion, whilst the choir performed Wm. Byrd’s Ave Verum. St Margarets College Girls’ Choir sang a Blessing.

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The Installation of the new Bishop began the same day at 3.00pm with parishioners in their church groups holding banners around a stage centred in Christchurch’s Cathedral Square.

A Karanga was intoned and then all sang the traditional Irish hymn “Be Thou My Vision”

Archbishops presented to those gathered the newly ordained Bishop of Christchurch the Right Reverend Dr Peter Ruane Carrell.

The Chancellor affirmed the validity of the certificates of election and ordination.

The Very Revd Lawrence Kimberley, Dean of Christchurch Cathedral, welcomed the new Bishop.

Bishop Carrell responded. (NB: His address can be found using the link below.)

The new Bishop was escorted to the cathedra (the Bishop’s Chair).

Christchurch Mayor, Lianne Dalziel, greeted Peter and his family.

Bishop Peter recited the Collect and then gave his address (refer to the link above).

Dean Kimberley offered prayers together with those of Diocesan Manager, Edwin Boyce, The Venerable Nicky Lee (Archdeacon of the Household of Deacons), Judith Mackenzie (Lay Member of Standing Committee), Matthew Mark (The City Missioner), The Reverend Joshua Moore (Young Adults Ministry Developer) and then all joined in the Lord’s Prayer.

Bishop Peter concluded the ceremony with a blessing leading to the final hymn “Guide me O Thou Great Redeemer”

by the Editor

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