October 12, 2019

A New Messiah at Knox

Daniel Cooper, Director of Music for Knox Singers and Seasoning Ensemble, invites patrons to experience a newly arranged Handel’s Messiah. He explains (also refer to the poster below):

Are you tired of the same repetitive “auto-pilot” Messiah performances held every year? Want to experience something challenging and enlightening? Then this is the Messiah performance for you!!

Join the Knox Singers and Seasoning Ensemble with guest artists for an exciting new interpretation of Handel’s “Messiah”

SATURDAY 9th November 7:30pm, Knox Church
SUNDAY 10th November 2:30pm, Knox Church

Soprano: Yumeka Hildreth
Alto: Renata van der Wal
Tenor: Fernand Kenel
Bass: Albert Bennett

This special production has been designed and prepared by Musical Director of the Seasoning Ensemble and the Knox Singers, Daniel Cooper. “A new MESSiah” will challenge your understanding of Handel’s Messiah and baroque music in general, putting a new twist on Handel’s old favourite!

CASH DOOR SALES $25 (un-waged) $30 (waged)

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