June 6, 2020

Oz/NZ Join in Bubble

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RSCM Australia and RSCMNZ made history today when they joined together (10.00am AEST/12Noon NZST Saturday 6 June 2020) in an unique bubble. Fifty-nine representatives from all over Australia with a goodly number of NZers used ZOOM to listen to an inspiring dialogue between The Very Revd. Dr Peter Catt, Dean of St John’s Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane, and the Cathedral’s Director of Music, Graeme Morton FRSCM.

St John’s Brisbane: the centre of the 2021 combined Australia/NZ Winter Choir School 3 to 11 July

Revd Peter shared his experiences and how they formed his ways forward and on-going development for him as a priest.

The blending of liturgy and music was meant to be a ‘mystery’ rather than an attempt to explain the mystery.

He mentioned Darke in F (with which many choristers in today’s ‘forum’ would be familiar) as a significant work in Services.

His experiences as a chorister during portions of his church life, strongly reinforced his beliefs about the place of music in worship. He also advised how important it was to select appropriate works and hymns for Services. It was wise to conclude a Service with selections that were better known and place newer ones or unfamiliar styles earlier.

During the hour-long session, participants were encouraged to place ‘chat’ messages to everyone (or specifically to the host) as a means of sharing thoughts and reactions.

Today’s rewarding experience may be a forerunner to occasional similar future ‘forums’ and as a means of bringing one another even closer together in a common bubble.