June 21, 2020

Music Sunday 2020


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World-wide, RSCM regions and branches celebrate Music Sunday annually recognising the Ministry of Music in the life of the Church. It is often held on or near mid-year and Canterbury Branch chose Sunday 21 June 2020 for its event.

The welcome to the many in the congregation by Paul Ellis, President RSCMNZ and also Chairman of the Canterbury Branch, set the scene for a momentous occasion.

This was reinforced by Aldersgate Minister Rev Philomeno Kinera with her enlightening story about the meanings of the Aldersgate flags which embrace many of the world’s religions in an unifying and universal respecting manner together with a heart-warming prayer.

Highlights abounded. Organ accompaniments by Wallace Woodley, Dr John Linker, Denis Guyan, and Barry Brinson, encouraged singers to open voices and deliver joyful sounds. Murray Lennox’s leadership generated confidence to singers adding descants for selected hymns and was a welcome help for  hymns included to make sure NZ hymn writers were featured.  E.g. Marnie Barrell, William Wallace – he was present –  and Colin Gibson who sent his good wishes for the event.

Interludes added to the joys of the occasion: the singing of the 6 Medbury Choristers led by Chrissie Badger with April Chapman accompanying on the piano was a treasured experience.  Likewise,  Barry Brinson’s performance of the J C Bach Orgel Rondo with Apollo String Quartet accompanying and Wallace Woodley’s playing the lovely Harold Darke organ voluntary In Green Pastures.

Making the programme flow were the entertaining and informative gems and closing prayer offered by MC Rev David Winfield.

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