July 27, 2021

Voices like racing car motors

Neil Shroff, Chairman of RSCM Auckland Branch, welcoming choristers to Anita banbury’s Sunday Workshop
Anita Banbury expounding enlightening ideas to Choristers during her
Sunday Workshop at St Andrew’s Church Centre (25 July 2021)

On Sunday (25 July 2021) forty Auckland choristers flocked to St Andrew’s Church Centre Epsom for a 3-hour choral workshop led by renowned choral director and organist, Anita Banbury ARSCM.

St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Epsom

She used the analogy that maintenance of a chorister’s voice could be likened to that needed for the motor of a racing car. The many ideas stemming from the comparison included, warming the voice, caring for the voice, and understanding how it works. Using two anthems¬∂ as a basis, she gave instruction also about, breathing, timing, and intonation. Her focus was from the points of view of both a choir member and choral director. She chose sections in each voice part of the motets for examples.

Anita Banbury gives understandings about voice parts with reference to the music scores

Choristers were enlightened wth her suggestions for improving use of session time and the need for pre-rehearsal preparation.

Neil Shroff, Chairman of RSCM Auckland Branch, sponsors of the remarkable event, offered thanks to Anita for her lively & inspiring leadership and also to the participating choristers.

¬∂ Richard Tarrant’s “Lord for thy tender mercies’ sake” (circa. 1905 setting of selected text from Lidley’s 1566 Prayers) and “Ave verum corpus” (Mozart’s 18 June 1791 setting of a 13th century prayer associated with the giving of Eucharistic Elements during a Service).