May 3, 2022

Queen’s Jubilee

The images explained (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): The PENTAGON designed by our Herald of Arms, Phillip O’Shea forms the 70th Jubilee Emblem: the background of red and white patterns (or poutama) are similar to those appearing on flax weaving and also the ribbons for some Honorary awards. Te Hokotoru Manoahuru translates informally to mean 3 times twenty (Hoko – or 20 the Maori way of counting) plus 10 and the dates show the years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.. The Crown is St Edward’s. Interesting the type face used is Times Roman. The QUEEN graciously gave permission to display this image of her. Notice the NZ Silver Fern on her sash. The panel “In Our Service” is a facsimile of the cover of an anthem written by Thomas Hewitt Jones (UK) especially for the Royal School of Church Music’s Patron Queen Elizabeth II and celebrating her 70th Jubilee year on the Throne (Platinum). Choirs and congregations with organs are to perform it all over the world during June 2022 as part of their annual Music Sunday observance. This clip of Apollo Musicum quartet rehearsing in Christchurch with Denis Guyan, organist, gives an impression of the simple beauty of the motet.

Click the link below (or paste in your browser) to listen.

NB: remember to click stop at the end or you will be taken automatically to a totally unrelated clip.

Next image is the RSCM Coat of Arms, announcing the school’s motto:

Psallam spiritu et mente

Liberally translated to mean

I will sing with the spirit and with the understanding also

Final image is the RSCMNZ logo with iconic NZ imagery.

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