January 29, 2023

Unique RSCMNZ Event @ Cambridge

The Story & Pix

Dr Ray Harlow, Author
Dr Rachael Griffiths-Hughes. Keynote Speaker

Stephen Hamilton, QSM,
accompanies the choir on the organ
Singer with beautifully behaved guide-dog hiding at her feet
Paul Ellis rehearses the full choir
Merv Hunt, Guitar, accompanies the Lord’s Prayer in preparation for its inclusion at the Sunday morning Eucharist Service. Helping lead (left) is co-director Neil Shroff.
At centre back is Dave Brookes, one of the accompanying organists for the event
(tacet for this prayer)
Singers rendering O Thou Central Orb During for the afternoon Service
At the Eucharist, Neil Shroff conducts the Motet, Teach Me O Lord: to the left is
St Andrew’s Vicar, Rev’d Jennie Savage: Dave Brookes can be seen at the organ.
Participants at Cambridge Choral fest gather for the ‘class photo’ following the Sunday afternoon Service (including the lovely guide-dog).
Taranaki contingent of 10 (including the dog)

Robert Tait at the Saturday Festive Dinner plays
Dvorak’s Humoresque accompanied by pianist Roz Robinson
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