July 8, 2023


The contributions of Dianne Halliday, of the Wellington Branch, have been

recognised by RSCM with the award to her of a well deserved ARSCM.

Her citation was recorded in the June 2023 issue of CMQ.

“Dianne Halliday

Since her arrival in New Zealand in 1983, Dr Dianne Halliday has made a significant contribution to the work of the RSCM, serving as Chair of the Wellington Branch and directing their winter choir schools, which have attracted a nationwide attendance. As Director of Music at Wellington Metropolitan Cathedral of the Sacred Heart and St Peter’s Church, she has actively promoted NZ composers, liturgy, choir training and convened the rebuilding and restoration of their pipe organs. She has also recorded for the Organism (NZ) label on each of these instruments, including two issues of Jewish liturgical organ music.”