November 13, 2023

Arrival of Spring Celebrated

CBS (Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament) Choir & Orchestra (staunch RSCM Canterbury Affiliates) on Sunday 12 November 2023 gathered at the Catholic Pro-Cathedral Manchester Street Christchurch to celebrate Spring. What better way than to perform Vivaldi’s “Spring”. Solo violinist Henry Nicholson entranced the numerous patrons with the brilliant mixture of flying fingers and moments of sustained soliloquistic melodies which are a feature of this magical composition. The orchestra opened the concert with Bach’s Suite #3 in D featuring 3 Baroque Trumpeters and the famous Air on the G String. The Choir joined the Orchestra to perform Bach’s Cantata BWV 137 (Praise to the Lord) with soloists Olivia Webb, Wally Enright and Matthew Harris. Janet Cubey inspired with the intricate Cello continuo and Peter Low served at the keyboard. The audience added their musical talents by singing the Chorale along with the all the other musicians, “Praise to the Lord . . . “, the tune of which was also embedded in the Cantata. Antonio Vivaldi’s Magnificat RV 610 with soloists Olivia Webb and Margot Holcroft suported by Janet Cubey’s intricate cello continuo brought the magnificent event to a fitting climax.