Chamber Choir

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Summer School Chamber Choir

This group is intended primarily for the under-graduate and graduate age group of younger people who would benefit from further experience at a high level.

Director: Matthew Owens


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[li]Previous experience in at least one choral ensemble at a high level. [/li]
[li]Above average sight singing ability. [/li]
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How to apply:

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[li]Complete the online form below. [/li]
[li]You will receive provisional acceptance on information supplied.[/li]
[li]Voice tests will be conducted on the first day of the course. [/li]
[li]Applicants are urged to apply to local funding sources, churches and charities for assistance. [/li]
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All applications should be accompanied by a brief recommendation or supporting statement from a current or recent choir director. This can be inserted in the box on the online form or sent separately…

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[li]by email to:, or   [/li]

[li] by post to: 76 Fisher Avenue, Christchurch 8023, NZ[/li]

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