RSCM NZ Music Library

The RSCM NZ Music Library is a resource for the use of members and supporters of RSCMNZ by way of hire. The ‘library’ is supervised by the Wellington Branch of RSCM NZ and is currently housed in the Crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral, Wellington.


Guidelines for use of the Library

To arrange a loan of music from the RSCM NZ Library take the following steps at least three months before planned use – this to allow for processing of request (availability, delivery, etc.) and adequate time to rehearse before performance:

  1. Select the piece(s) of music which you require from the online Music Library Catalogue.
  2. Complete the online order form.
  3. Your request will be actioned as soon as possible so that you receive the requested material by post.
  4. You will be sent a separate invoice for the material ordered. Note: Members of RSCMNZ pay only postage & handling costs; non-members pay a $10.00 fee for use of the library in addidtion to postage & handling. As postage costs are determined by the amount of material ordered, it is not possible to determine this in advance.
  5. Material must be returned to RSCMNZ “unmarked”. Nothing other than 2B pencil may be used for any temprary markings, and these must be removed before return.